Nothing will WOW your customers like a fire breathing, turbine powered JetPack Flight!

The heart-stopping roar of jets, the heat of the exhaust, and the jaw dropping beauty of a JetPack in flight is an experience you will never forget

JetPack Racing League

Imagine a fleet of JetPacks rising in a swarm and then streaking forward in a blaze of turbine fury as they race to the finish line with the thunder of jets pounding against your chest. That is what it will feel like to your audience. And they will want to come back for more.

Send us a note if your company or community would like to form their own JetPack Racing League. Let the race begin! info@jetpackaviation.com

Top Gun Experience Center

Did you ever wonder what it feels like to fly a JetPack? Want to give it a casual try with some friends in a fun, electric version? Or are you a serious flyer who wants to go all the way and earn your JetPack pilot certification in a full throttle, turbine powered machine. Our Top Gun Experience Centers will offer you a wide range of JetPack training, and will be opening soon.

If you are interested in operating or licensing a center, please send us a note at info@jetpackaviation.com

Book a Promotional Flight

Whether you are producing a private conference for your company, promoting a large outdoor concert, or announcing a new product release with activation, there is nothing more exciting than a JetPack flight to generate customer and media attention. Crowds love it. And so will your customers.

To book a flight or for more information, please contact us at info@jetpackaviation.com


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