Who We Are

    • United States company based in California
    • Specialists in personal VTOL design & engineering
    • Created the first FAA approved personal VTOL vehicle
    • Experts in electro-mechanical and aero-mechanical design
    • Specialists in gyro stabilization flight control
    • Complete in-house fabrication & testing facility
    • FAA trusted company

Our VTOL Solutions

  • JB10 JetPack – proof of concept VTOL Turbine vehicle

    First flight November 2015

    Completed & FAA approved (JB9)

    JB11 JetPack – 6 turbine heavy lift VTOL vehicle

    Currently in fabrication

    Flight testing expected 2nd quarter 2017

    JB12 JetPack – all electric, ducted fan VTOL vehicle

    Initial design complete

    Fabrication expected 4th quarter 2017

  • JJ02/03 JumpJet – piloted stand-on VTOL platform

    Fully stabilized flight system

    Minimal pilot training requireds

    JJ02 – 6 turbine / JJ03 – 8 turbine configuration

    SHRPA – Self Hauling Remote Payload Apparatus

    Design concept complete. Next step 1/3 scale model

    Turbine / Electric options

    BladeRunner – eVTOL autonomous passenger vehicle

    Design concept complete. Next step is 1/3 scale model

    All electric system

JetPack Aviation can custom build a VTOL solution for your specific application including: search & rescue, autonomous supply delivery, first responders, law enforcement, medical delivery & retrieval, and more. Please contact us for more information:


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